SErin Blasein Without offers a fresh take on classic nameplate jewelry placing provocative words on iconic ring shapes. We don't believe in releasing seasonal collections and instead focus on creating individual pieces that are missing from our lives that we want to pass on to you. We believe each piece can be an expression of the wearer or their "shadow self"-a term used to describe an aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Ultimately, we believe in making quality, wearable pieces that enhance your personal style. We're also committed to manufacturing and sourcing locally in downtown Los Angeles. 

Founder Erin Blase began her career in jewelry working as Production Coordinator for fine jeweler Blair Husain in New York City. Within a year, she was recruited as Creative Director for FD9 Group where she oversaw the creation and development of three brands including the popular Coordinates Collection line. Through her previous work, she has become known for creating jewelry that effortlessly combines personalization with sophisticated design. For Erin, Sin Without is about focusing on high quality pieces that reflect the personality and spirit of the wearer. (And ps, her hair is only pink on the weekends).