The Story Behind Sin Without

Sin Without offers a fresh take on classic nameplate jewelry placing provocative words on iconic ring shapes. We don't believe in releasing seasonal collections and instead focus on creating individual pieces that are missing from our lives that we want to pass on to you. We believe each piece can be an expression of the wearer or their "shadow self"-a term used to describe an aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Ultimately, we believe in making quality, wearable pieces that enhance your personal style. We're also committed to manufacturing and sourcing locally in downtown Los Angeles.  

The Story Behind Creator Erin Blase

How did you get started on Sin Without and what was your main inspiration?

I grew up in St. Louis and have lived in Chicago and New York before settling in Los Angeles. I got my first job out of college working in fine jewelry production for Blair Hussain in NYC. Blair taught me so much about the importance of quality control, putting meaning behind your products, and about running your own business. After a year I was recruited to be Creative Director of BesoBeso in LA. When I got there I created the Coordinates Collection line which really combined everything Blair taught me-personalization and sleek design especially. The line ended up growing and I learned so much about collaborating and working in the jewelry industry in LA. Eventually I felt like a stranger in my own home-the line grew really quickly but I lacked the control over the concept and its marketing which was a big motivator for me to start Sin Without.


For Sin Without, I wanted to start something that had a personal bent that I love about jewelry. Jewelry is so personal and I love the idea of taking words-especially ones that most people find derogatory-and making them fun. I was bullied a lot growing up and I love the idea of taking words that I’ve been called and making them feel powerful. I don’t take myself seriously and I hope the people who wear the jewelry feel the same.

My inspiration was to make something that I love and feel proud of. My goal is to continue to make jewelry that I love and has meaning for the people who wear them. I want to empower the people who wear my jewelry. I’m inspired by strong women, free spirits, contemporary art, and music. My fashion icon is Pharrell for the way he combines feminine/masculine and Kate Moss because...duh.

What does the name Sin Without represent?

The line is named after my favorite Ed Ruscha painting at the LACMA called Sin Without. I keep a running list of things that I love in a notebook so I when I was trying to come up with a name for the line, I checked there first and I immediately saw Sin Without and knew it was the right name. The picture itself is really large and has the word SIN written in big letters across it, I always joked I wanted it to hang above my bed. Everything about the name and also the story behind it just seemed right for the line.