Welcome to Spring/Summer 2014!

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After seeing such a great response from the first collection, I knew we had to up the ante for Spring/Summer. When I started Sin Without, I relied on my friends to help pick the words for the rings and a majority of them said it was better to start with more demure phrases at first. The Sinner, Saint, Prude, and Promiscuous rings were designed with that in mind as well as the idea that I would buy myself the Sinner ring and my best friend the Saint ring. I love duel personalities-good vs. evil, sluts vs. prudes etc. and believe everyone is a combination of both in their heart of hearts. Although I love the good in people, I'm much more interested in exploring the naughtier side, which is why Spring/Summer is all about the Bitch, Cunt, and Slut rings.

My goal with each collection is to expand with more phrases, different plate finishes, and eventually make bracelet and necklace styles as well. You can expect bracelets for A/W and hopefully more rings in the near future! It's an ambitious plan but I'm excited for what the future holds! I'm always here to listen to your suggestions and would love to hear what you want to see from the line as well. In the meantime, I'll be here preparing to ship the pre-orders for the new rings!






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